Laser facial rejuvenation: a description of the procedure

laser facial skin rejuvenation

The laser beam has become a real breakthrough in cosmetology. In 75% of cases dealing with skin defects, it was able to replace injections and surgery.

Laser treatments not only successfully remove scars and blemishes, they also eliminate the signs of aging.

What is this

Laser renewal is performed with a special device.

The beam moves along the body with a special "handle". The pulses penetrate 1 mm deep into the skin layers. At high frequencies and heating, old cells are destroyed. Intact tissues respond by releasing increased amounts of elastin and collagen, which restore the damaged dermis. Renewed skin becomes denser and more elastic. To avoid burns, select the optimal temperature for each area of ​​the skin.

In this case, the treatment is practiced not only on the face but also on the rest of the body. The thighs, abdomen, chest, forearms, and hands suffer no less from age-related wear.

As a result of the correct procedure, the effects are marked:

  • Visible smoothing of deep wrinkles;
  • small facial wrinkles disappear;
  • discoloration of hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, acne, vascular and scars;
  • narrowing enlarged pores;
  • smooth the surface of the derma;
  • appearance of healthy facial skin by stimulating blood circulation;
  • Tighten the contours of the face and body.

Noticeable improvements are visible after the first session. Consolidating successful rejuvenation allows for the process of addressing the problem area 5.

Types of laser rejuvenation

There are several versions of this procedure. Each has its own characteristics. Selecting the type for each problem will make the solution as effective as possible.

  • By penetrating the upper layers of the skin.Works best with small puncture defects. A single surface beam is used. Only the damaged area is exposed, it does not affect healthy skin. The result is quickly available and lasts a long time. Works well on expression lines.
  • No damage to the skin surface.Perfect with deep wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, damaged contours. Treat a large area of ​​skin (such as the entire face) at once. The longest beams are used. It only affects the hidden layers of the dermis, the surface remains intact. Heat stimulates the natural metabolic processes of cells. A pleasant side effect is the elimination of wide pores after acne
  • BiorevitalizationThe pulses are given for a short time with several repetitions. Thus, the rays painlessly break down dead cells and actively stimulate collagen production. They use special cosmetics (usually hyaluronic acid) that the laser delivers deep into the skin. The method is used to combat deep wrinkles, permanent lines of expression. It has a cumulative effect. Biorevitalization is one of the best alternatives to injections.
  • RepaintThe Erbium or sapphire laser gently removes the top layers of the old epidermis. Younger tissues are retained, which makes the skin tighter, smoother, fine wrinkles become invisible.
  • 4D Rejuvenation.The fastest view. The permanent visible result is displayed after the first procedure. 4 types of beams are used (FRAC3, SmothLiftin, SupErficial, PIANO). Such a combination improves deep processes, restores skin elasticity and freshness, copes with wrinkles of various sizes.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Laser skin rejuvenation has the following advantages:

  • There are no marks or scars. All redness disappears no later than 3-4 days after treatment;
  • Ability to solve problems of different sizes;
  • quick visual effect (procedure 1-5);
  • lack of painful sensations (normal - mild tingling);
  • ability to treat sensitive areas (neckline, eyelids, nasolabial folds);
  • can be combined with many cosmetic procedures

Disadvantages to note:

  • Contraindications;
  • high cost;
  • 1 session can last at least an hour.


Laser renewal should not be performed within 14 days after chemical peeling. In addition, the beautician will not perform the procedure if there is obvious inflammation in the treated area when dermatitis or psoriasis worsens.

The laser is strictly prohibited during pregnancy, epilepsy, hypertension, type 1 diabetes, malignancies, and mental disorders. Care should be taken when taking hormonal, psychotropic or photosensitising drugs.

side effects

facial skin care after laser rejuvenation

Local itching and redness may occur in the first hours (sometimes days) after laser exposure. In some patients, exfoliation, cortex, and exacerbation of herpes develop. Cases of death (contact with contaminated hands, scratches, early use of cosmetics) are known in the absence of proper care.

Scarring and pigmentation are detected when a patient intentionally hides information about medications and conditions used.

The main prevention of side effects is the use of panthenol-based soothing ointments and creams with an spf value above 15 units.

Temporary abstinence from steam (sauna, steam bath), antibiotics and hormones, avoidance of aggressive skin care products, visiting the solarium and open sunshine are a great help.

Laser rejuvenation has many benefits. A significant disadvantage for some users is the amount required. How much you need to invest depends on the number of procedures required. A household portable device can be an optimal substitute for salon visits. The desired device can be selected according to the manufacturers' descriptions and recommendations.