Laser rejuvenation of the face, as a method for the recovery of the skin (review menu)

The recovery Of the skin, or remove the sign in photoaging, is used with laser rejuvenation to other parts of the face in the body. The process, which is the most secure to apply, secure the plastic to the beauty within the gives the result. It will be a surprise for the patient, the cost of the laser resurfacing, it is much lower than the other methods for cosmetic effect on the skin.

  • The details of the gist of the process
  • On the negative side, the laser machining techniques
  • The good side of the process, the use of the method
  • A description of the type of the " laser rejuvenation of the face
  • The indications for the procedure
  • Contra-indications for the procedure, a laser rejuvenation of the face
  • We are afraid of the side effects of
  • The process of

What is the procedure for laser skin rejuvenation?

the essence of the procedure of laser resurfacing

Skin protect the human body from exposure to a variety of mechanical, physical, in the costs of factors), it is every year, they lose their elasticity, covered with the folds of the wrinkles, the color, becomes pale, and in the area occur in the repulsive-looking spots.

The first is barely noticeable wrinkles (most commonly the eye) begin to appear, closer to thirty years old, at forty, as is the loss of turgor of the skin, they go deep in the covers all the skin of the unattractive eye. This condition is often affects women who do not want to age.

Aging By the help of the beauty, came the laser. Under the action of laser beams in the combustion of the top layer of dead skin, which lost elasticity of the cells of the triggers for the accelerated production of collagen within the elastin, which is surrounded by a living cell. The regeneration of structural skin to the elements, which occurs only in the regions exposed to the laser beam. The adjacent skin areas that remain intact.

In this process, it is important for the rejuvenation of the skin, the disappearance of the small, secondary folds of the whole to restore the facial contours.

The laser machines of the latest generation of non-surgical forehead lift — is that evidenced by the positive feedback from patients who have done laser facelift double chin.

The innovation of the DOT-rejuvenation

POINT new, younger-looking is the modern, the old method is the use of the latest technology. This process is very efficient, and the place gradually to the beauty centers or in the clinics of plastic surgery. This system is a versatile tool to deal with the problems caused by the aging of the skin due to the natural biological aging of the muscle into the connective tissue.

In the case of the PIXEL laser skin rejuvenation uses the effect of carbon dioxide laser with a specific wavelength. Through a part of the laser beam, glow in the deeper layers of the skin, it is:

  • the restoration of the lymphatic circulation in the blood circulation;
  • to increase the production of elastin in the collagen;
  • the strengthening of the regeneration of the connective tissue;
  • increase in the turgor of the skin;
  • resorption of the old-age spots, spider veins of knotted joints.

When the DOT-rejuvenation apparatus, the influence on the skin gently, so that it can carry out the rejuvenating procedure of the eyelids, the neck, in the décolleté. The sensitivity of the Iz and of the skin, the pain threshold in the force sensors of the device depends on the intensity of the sensations during a session. During the rejuvenating manipulations of the patient to feel comfortable with you, be encouraged that it is 1 of the methods of local anesthesia at the site where it is provided that the impact on the team.

DOT is the process of giving a positive result over time. First, the patient is no longer to appreciate the consequences of, since it is the swelling of the redness of the skin. Only after the 14 days, they will see optimal effects.

Types of laser peeling

types of laser peeling

Laser skin rejuvenation is an excellent alternative to a surgical facelift. Laser peeling can be of several types.

  • Of the surface, and thus the processing of the designed strain of the epidermis (the top layer of the skin). With an almost superficial peels may be just out to smooth an uneven texture of the skin in the to get rid of ugly age spots. The superficial peels procedure is done in the most sensitive areas of skin: around the eyes, the lips, the neck, the décolletage. Processes of this type can be considered a laser skin resurfacing (all types), the fractional rejuvenation of the face (the vast majority of its species). The surface of the peeling process is quite traumatic. The full recovery of the skin after it happens one or two weeks.
  • The median. This type of peel can remove dead skin cells, which are present in the lowermost (basal) layer of the epidermis. The area of exposure of the medium to lupine, all the way to the same problem areas of the skin on the face, the neck, the hands, the decollete. F it, the wrinkles work in a variety of seriousness, in order to ensure the smooth keloid scar in the industry to remove shallow scars left by acne, the warts, the papillomas, the essential skin tone evens, which can help to eliminate the dark spots. The median peeling can be carried out by a fractionation method in which the irradiation of the skin of the common grid of the laser beam, which is produced by a variety of types of laser: erbium? a neodymium laser, etc., the Advantages of the disadvantages of the a variety of each of the because of the wavelength range, the method of procedure in different depths of penetration into the tissue. The absolute advantage over other types of lasers do not have a camera. Very, very different, There is the way of the implementation of the medium-lupine: the so-called laser skin resurfacing. What is it? During the procedure, the laser is a resurfacing of this kind of, together with the rays of the laser beams, which receives an additional skin to a great deal of energy, is caused by the occurrence of microexplosions followed by the inevitable evaporation of the tissue subjected to laser exposure. Laser resurfacing is performed, as a rule, the erbium laser.
  • Deep. The most effective method of deep laser peels, so that the processes, which are often referred to as a "non-surgical facelift", it is a laser rejuvenation of the face, in the RF-rejuvenation.

The apparatus has a control microprocessor, consists of iz, is a set of tools in the element for a cooler skin to receive the rays of the laser beams, and thus a sufficiently dense grid.

the methods of laser resurfacing

The technique of RF-rejuvenation facilitates the penetration of laser beams into the deeper layers of the epidermis, which is exposed to the thermal effects of RF energy, resulting in the discovery of the heating of the problematic parts of the body into the face.

Both methods — laser and the part of radio-frequency rejuvenation-facial rejuvenation — contribute to the compaction in the collagen bundles, in the formation of one type of support frame of the skin of the improves the regenerative the rejuvenating processes in the areas exposed to the laser.

The safety of the low-invasiveness of both procedures, giving you the opportunity to not only affect the skin of the arms, in the neck, but also to the pursuit of rejuvenation around the eyes, the skin.

Deep laser peels smooth enough to crease the pain, significantly evens out skin tone into the skin, creates the effect of rejuvenation. As a result, the woman gets a youthful look without any plastic surgery.

A major advantage of the method of the RF in laser rejuvenation of the skin, has the effect of enhancing the. By taking the recommended, cosmetic services, rejuvenating the skin, the condition of the course, you will continue to improve for a period of six months.

The deep laser of a lupine is also a unit of CO2, however, is the impact of the hands is not enough trained staff may leave deep scars on the skin of the patient, as it is the equipment that can be used as a scalpel in plastic surgery.

The process of the area in the middle, the peeling accompanied by a local anesthesia. A deep laser peel requires the use of the General, anesthesia specialized hospital.

The choice of peel depends on the complexity of the cosmetic defect.

The benefits of the drawbacks of the process

Laser resurfacing has the following disadvantages:

  • there isn't any wrinkles smoothed out by this method;
  • the duration of the procedure in the event of severe damage to the skin scars be treated three times an interval of at least six months.
  • a painful process;
  • the inability of the process in the presence of the lesions on the skin;
  • the long-term recovery of the skin;
  • the prohibition on exposure to sunlight after the procedure;
  • a profound effect on the skin with a laser it is hard to bear;
  • the high cost of the service.

The advantages of laser treatment:

  • the effectiveness of the – supplied by the immediately visible results;
  • versatility – the method is well suited for any type of skin;
  • security – the risk of problems in the implementation of the [spirits of the craft] the recommendations will be reduced;
  • does not require a surgical procedure.

It is worth noting that, the fractional method, as it is an additional advantage. If you are using it, the skin is just not damaged by the quick returns. One of the sessions is the part of the method, which is carried out with a relatively large area of the skin surface. In addition to this, there is a method, it is a completely safe to use.

Why the need for fractional resurfacing?

fractional resurfacing

Fractional skin rejuvenation is is used in cases where there is no need to expose you to the laser treatment of a large surface area of the skin, but enough to remove a small scar pigmentation spots.

For this purpose, carried out with the partial resurfacing erbium laser is a gentle. Manufacturers of medical equipment, started the production of compact devices that allow you to use this kind of manipulation in the home.

Some of the materials posted on the Internet, you'll be able to find the claim, stating that a laser device is selected so that the effect on the skin. The complaint must be identified as incorrect, just as the professionally trained staff can help you determine exactly what where the washing machine is in the length of the laser beam to be used for the effects on the skin of the patient.

Laser All of the settings of the devices carried out by a strictly individual basis. To work with the laser equipment, the specialist must have a special certificate at a sufficiently high competence.

And in the clinic, it is necessary to obtain information on the level of the qualifications of the physician staff with respect to their participation in international, national seminars, in conferences.

The indications for the procedure

the indications for the procedure

The laser can be technology, to rejuvenate, wrinkles, age spots small scars. Sometimes, some women complain of a deterioration of it, especially by such techniques as fractional laser rejuvenation of the skin. That is, depending on the type of you skin, in the presence of a number of diseases.

So, before you go in for the procedure, please visit the the dermatologist is is better to do a full twist.

Indications for laser skin rejuvenation, by means of:

  • a moderate to deep wrinkles;
  • the uneven presence or dyes, pigmentation of the skin;
  • of the pores;
  • the presence of a superficial scar tissue, which in the appear of acne, or stretch marks.

Contra-indications, If they are not, it is a process that is 18 years of age. Fractional resurfacing, your physician may recommend that it is carried out, while some of the flaws of the skin.

What is a laser biorevitalization?

Laser rejuvenation of the skin of the face, in the body by exposure of hyaluronic acid to the deepest layers of the skin. This new technology allows for surgery to remove a deep scar in the fold, which is designed to increase the internal reserves of a human body.

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  • The essence of this innovative methodology? In the epidermis problem is a part of the body, so that the use of a certain amount of low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid, with the aid of a laser needs to get to do not the basal layer of the skin.
    A method of laser biorevitalisation is a reduction in the non-injection introduction of a special hyaluronic acid.
  • Here's what you need to change the structure of the hyaluronic acid, which is primarily a high molecular (a polymer almost) to the link? The fact that the high molecular hyaluronic acid to penetrate the thickness of the human epidermis, due to the complexity of the structure of the molecule is made up of a long chain too. A structured acidity, it seems to be a low-molecular weight, acquire the ability to easily penetrate into the upper layers of the skin. The laser beam is again having a short molecular chain, which makes the hyaluronic acid polymer, which promotes the retention of moisture to the cells of the human skin, creating a firmer, and not the impact of the aging of the skin.
  • Biorevitalisation Of the process, with the use of an infrared (cold) laser, which has a low level of intensity.
    Thanks to the the assistance of of the laser-structured hyaluronic acid easily reaches the lower layers of the skin, turn into a balanced charge, to exceed their own level. In this way, the skin is not heated, the biorevitalisation began after the peel off on the are not afraid of exposure to the sun's UV. Thank you for the procedure of laser biorevitalisation can be carried out even during the summer months.
  • In order to facilitate the delivery of hyaluronic acid in the problem areas of the skin, the upper layers of the epidermis to mitigate, with the help of a hot compress, carry out a light cleansing scrub. Then the start of the laser biorevitalisation procedure, which is applied to the cleaned skin to the specific chemical composition of a structured collagen hyaluronic the acid.
    The Laser exposure is performed with the use of a special nozzle. No pain, not when you happen to be, if it is confirmed by reviews of the patients).
  • The laser skin rejuvenation method is a more biorevitalisation is characterized by a quick update of the skin, due to the depth of the subject also influence the composition of the skin.

The potential consequences of the hidden dangers

[Spirits of the craft), in The observance of the rules, which carry out the laser resurfacing of the apparatus of the complications of the use of the no no, you don't get it. However, any deviation from the instructions, this is fraught with unintended consequences, such as:

  • the occurrence of burns of different degrees;
  • sores;
  • the withering away of the skin.

In order to avoid problematic situations prior to the start of the process, be sure to check out the authorization of the certificates for equipment, qualification of the beautician. Also, make Sure you read the comments on the Internet about your chosen clinic within the specialist.

The process of Having all of the contra-indications of laser rejuvenation of the face?

Contra-indications for laser rejuvenation of the face, of course, there are some.

contra-indications to laser rejuvenation

Here is a list of the most serious of them are:

  • The cancer is.
  • Diabetes of any kind.
  • Diseases of the heart, in the circulatory system acute the stage.
  • A variety of diseases of the blood, is caused by its lack of clotting of the blood.
  • Cold viral etiology of the disease, which is accompanied by a fever.
  • Of a communicable disease.
  • Even worsen the cold sores in the herpes lesions, the presence, in the area of the proposed area to be affected.
  • Pustular rash on the skin.
  • In late pregnancy, in the period of breast-feeding for the child.
  • A mental disorder in the disorder.
  • Vegetative-vascular dystonia.
  • Hypertension in hypotension.
  • 17. years of age the risk of a possible violation of the structure of the skin) in 60 years (due to all the processes of deceleration of the recovery).
  • The last of a tan.

Taking care of your skin, the laser according to the

After each session, your skin should be able to take care of. At this time, in his cell aktiviziruyutsya of the recovery processes. In a so-so done in a particular mode, you will need to follow the simple rules.

for the care of the skin after the procedure

For 2 weeks, don't forget to use the cream and using a humidifier in the hyaluronic acid, the mask on the basis of hyaluronate.

Used for the cosmetics of the face, thus, allowed in a day, but it must be a different way, in the fat composition. But in the thickets of the peels should also be noted, while the epidermis will not be coming back to your natural color.

Iz the appearance of hyperpigmentation protects the cream and iz and the rays – both are mandatory, especially because after the procedure the skin is exposed to UV light. You will also need some cream to protect it from the sun, or over a SPF of 30.

It will help to speed up the process of recovery from the surgery to the laser, the use of vitamins to enhance the effect, the boiled washing the ozonized water, a walk outside in the fresh air.

Proper care of the skin after laser resurfacing will help to maintain the positive results obtained from this procedure.

The possible effects of laser rejuvenation

In addition to the mass of the positive aspects of laser skin rejuvenation, which can have side-effects. Occasionally seen:

the possible consequences of the procedure
  1. The experience of slight itching.
  2. The education of the very bright red spots in the impact zone of the laser.
  3. The activation of the herpes virus.
  4. The violation of the integrity of the skin: peeling, burning, appearance of the bark.

In the vast majority of cases, these symptoms go away within a few days. In some patients, these effects may be along off, since the structure of the skin sensitivity to everything is completely different.

A very rare group of patients with more than 4%. on the process of laser resurfacing of the face provoked by the appearance of the negative to the following points:

  1. The skin is prone to seborrhea, and is covered by white pustules (with Milia).
  2. The procedure left scar tissue, or keloid scars.
  3. The skin has started to produce pigment, resulting in hyperpigmentation.
  4. There has been made the deterioration of the cold sores into a larger rash (despite the prevention).

On the negative side, the laser machining techniques

As the majority of the treatment, the laser method has its own advantages in disadvantages. The negative side such that:

  1. Laser rejuvenation of the face does not have the ability to deal with all of the wrinkles.
  2. The laser device is carried out only by a shallow fold.
  3. If by scar tissue you will be able to perform repeatedly the treatment of the sessions as they are divided into 3 laser treatments with a six-month interval.
  4. Treatment for a long time, it's going to take more than 2 weeks to the skin has healed. In the meantime, set to appear in the sun. You have to process the sections of the laser treatment with a special cream and the ointment.
  5. Many of the patients feel the pain, but does not include the assistance of pain relievers.
  6. If skin damage (e.g., acne), and the procedure for the delayed laser rejuvenation.

How often do you do laser rejuvenation of the face?

how often to do the procedure

Fractional laser rejuvenation of the different areas of the face (or smooth younger-looking), as in the proceedings of the last generation, is gradually replacing the once-popular technique is laser skin resurfacing.

Recommended for the most experienced estheticians in between the laser impact on the facial skin, which must include a minimum of five treatments separated from each other in five-day intervals. However, there is still the possibility of the creation of individual programs tailored to the unique characteristics of the skin of the patient. For the preparation of the programme, which can be a doctor-a dermatologist.

Positive, the First change, the feel of skin's firmness, smoothing of shallow wrinkles, improvement in the color of the structure to the skin) is usually seen the first 3-4 days after the meeting.

Fully completed a course of laser resurfacing leads to a significant smoothing can decrease the number of wrinkles, eliminate scars, stretch marks, enlarged'pores, eliminate pigment spots to create a lifting effect on the skin.

Fractional rejuvenation of the face makes the effect lasting a number of years. Shall be deemed to be the minimum efficiency observed over a period of one year. As they proclaimed the woman is older, and access don't help the beautician to be more effective.

Age-there is almost no limit (17), this is the same way a good help to young girls who dream to get rid of scars left by acne, in a Mature woman wanting a little bit more work with the young people in the attraction.

Rehabilitation after laser resurfacing can take anywhere from 7 do 14 days, depending on the complexity of the elimination of the type of the fault in the laser exposure).

The right tactics according to the procedure of

the tactics of the procedure

The importance of facial rejuvenation laser the majority of clients is underestimated. Thus, an error of convinced that the end result is pre-determined by the skill of the doctor. But, in truth the procedure, in the office of a cosmetologist is conducted requires further care. If it is not done properly, it will be'stay the effect of a long period of time.

After the procedure, the beautician draws attention – soon to be contraindicated:

  • Impact, on the body of water, or steam, including a swimming pool, a sauna, a steam bath.
  • Exposure of the skin to UV exposure – sunbathing in the Solarium, at the beach.
  • The pursuit of beauty treatments, in an aggressive or peels, dermabrasion.
  • Taking antibiotics, hormonal drugs.
  • For the implementation of the measures, which will contribute to the acceleration of the blood circulation, to their credit-for-face – massage and physical exercise.
  • It is recommended that you get in the open air. The treated skin is very sensitive: the impact of the environment, which can have a detrimental effect on the skin.
  • For the first time is Also contraindicated to use decorative cosmetics. If it is particularly relevant to the question of the tone of the use of resources.

Patients should be applied to the skin with a specific medicine, which consists of dexpanthenol. You'll need to distribute the drug to the skin of a remedy for the red spots on the face, it is such an irritation of the characteristic of the process. When the cover of the color normalized to the whole restored to the skin will help the skin with the hyaluronic acid in the composition.

For the performance of any of the packages, particularly of alcohol is strictly contraindicated! If the treatment site is formed in the shell is impossible to reject an incoming call, a honeycomb. The violation of the integrity of the it increases the risk of bacterial contamination.

The laser method is for a younger-looking alternative for those who are not willing to carry out the injection operations in plastic surgery. The complete failure of the fix, a different patient may require an individual a number of the sessions. Their ratio determines the beautician, so you'll have to visit it personally: chatting on the internet is the wrong version of the advice.

The completion of the

Laser rejuvenation of the face, what is it? Look at the beauty — a promising area for the application of the methods of bezoperatsionnye there is a need to develop, in a qualified development of the device to the experts. Used to being consumers of beauty services rejuvenation with laser it becomes problematic.

A couple of calls, it is very painful, and the other miraculous way of dealing with old age. Laser rejuvenation of the face, which, by the opinions thus contradictory, it is transferred a lot better than surgery.