Milk serum for the face - benefits and applications

Popular products, on the other hand, have long been a leader among all kinds of skin care products. Milk serum is not on the list of exceptions and has been used for many years to combat cosmetic defects of varying complexity. This cheap and truly magical medicine must be available to all people. Positive properties include whitening properties, anti-wrinkle treatment, enhanced cell regeneration and rejuvenation. But let’s not go ahead, let’s study the subtleties in more detail.

milk serum for facial skin renewal

When serum is needed

  1. This product is usually used from the age of 30. The main indications include sagging and relaxation of the skin, the presence of age-related or mimic wrinkles, and other deficiencies associated with collagen and elastin production disorders.
  2. In the case of enlarged pores, the natural composition will also be advantageous. It penetrates deeply, cleans channels and eliminates open comedones. In addition, the drug relieves inflammation in people who have a problematic epithelium.
  3. It is necessary to use the serum in case of burns, peeling in winter or summer, general irritation. Very often, cosmetologists recommend that they start using the product for categories of citizens who have a combined or oily type of epidermis.

Whey value and composition

  1. It has already been mentioned that the composition in question is classified as natural. The base is water, about 93% is distributed. The remaining volume is located between amino acids, lactose, fatty acids, bacteria, vitamin and mineral complex, and lactose.
  2. Many B groups contain vitamins, including vitamins B9 and B5. These materials are needed to smooth large or small wrinkles, rashes, pimples, other types of inflammation. In addition, Group B aims to protect against regeneration and ultraviolet radiation.
  3. It is impossible to ignore the fact that the preparation contains ascorbic acid. It relieves irritation, improves the skin's natural pigmentation, and makes it velvety and soft. Vitamin E is needed to reduce fat.
  4. Potassium hydrates with choline, restores fluid balance, closes pores. Calcium is simply essential for lipid metabolism. This is by no means a complete list of valuable substances, but we have listed the most significant compounds.
  5. It is already understood that the serum should be placed in the home cosmetic bag as the main or excipient. Its purpose is to nourish, hydrate, cleanse, whiten the deepest layers of the dermis and eliminate the strongest inflammatory processes.
  6. For individuals who face age or seasonal pigmentation, the natural product presented is only beneficial. It gently exfoliates and whitens so you don’t have to go to beauticians.
  7. Elderly skin needs this composition to prevent premature aging. The serum will be a plus for young ladies as it increases turgor and microcirculation. Categories of persons of mixed or oily type should lubricate the face with the composition in order to normalize fat production.
  8. Usually, not only does the pigmentation level off, but also the relief of the face. The product presented rejuvenates, cures sunburn or cosmetic procedures. The sedative is beneficial for those who suffer from irritation and inflammation.

Whey preparation

There are many variations, let’s look at the easiest to do and the most popular.

milk serum for rejuvenation
  • 1 way.Send the purchased kefir to the freezer. You can also use your homemade, but it must first be poured into a tetrapack or bag. When the contents solidify and freeze, cut off the package, discard the composition on several layers of gauze. You can use a filter. When the food melts, it gets a natural composition. No further processing is required, you can use it. This technique allows you to preserve all your most valuable ones.
  • Method 2.You will need fresh milk, if possible, use a homemade, high-fat product. If not, buy one. Pour the mixture into a pan and wait for the boiling to begin. During this period, the juice should be squeezed from half of the lemon and placed in a pan. Stir until the dairy product hardens. Remove from the burner, allow to cool slightly, then strain through a cloth. Leave in a bottle, keep cold and apply as needed.
  • Method 3.Prepare the dishes with a lid, pour in purchased or homemade milk and cover. Bring to heat to sour the food. If you want to speed up the process, throw in a small slice of rye bread. When acidification occurs, send the contents to the burner and turn on the lazy fire. You will see the lumps and the whey form. When the preparation is cottage cheese, remove the container from the stove and allow to cool under the lid. When warm, filter with a few coats of gauze. The cottage cheese can be consumed and the serum can be used for cosmetic purposes.

Use on face

  1. Once the product is ready, it does not need to be matured or stored for too long. You can add beauty immediately with this product. On the plus side, the product is suitable for everyone.
  2. Most importantly, keep in mind that there is no need to prepare a serum for later use. Shelf life is minimal. For best results, create a new product each time.
  3. Based on this, masks containing additional ingredients are made. For example, it is mixed with oils, eggs, clay. Serum is also used before bed or for regular washing in the morning.
  4. Some people make cosmetic ice based on this. It appears to be a very effective composition that relieves the strongest swelling and blue hue of the lower eyelids.
  5. You can also dip a cosmetic sponge into the serum and then treat your skin as you would when working with a cream. It turns out to be a fairly effective cleaning agent that is removed with water after drying.

Serum in cosmetology

The serum can be used for various purposes. Systematic use of the composition will help transform the look.

milk serum for skin renewal


The serum can be used daily to cleanse the skin. Enough to use as a detergent. This is considered to be the easiest and fastest way to improve your look. It is enough to soak a cotton sponge and walk thoroughly on the skin of the face. Washing with milk infection is simply irreplaceable for skin rejuvenation.

It is best to grab the décolleté and neck. As mentioned earlier, simply wash your face with liquid. You do not need to wipe your face after such a procedure. Allow to dry naturally. Don’t be scared of the sour aroma, it will disappear completely in a few minutes.

Ice cubes

Pour the whey into special forms and send it to the freezer for a while. The result is a great skin tonic that can be used every day.

The serum has an excellent regenerating effect. Regular treatments help eliminate skin looseness and fine wrinkles. It is strongly recommended to clear after waking up in the morning.


If your skin is sensitive, it is best to use oatmeal. Add 50 ml to the others. serum and 10 gr. grounds.

Get a mass of ingredients that looks very much like a scrub. Apply with light massaging movements. Under no circumstances should it damage the skin. Work around your lips and around your eyes. Take a few minutes to complete the procedure.

Wash yourself with warm water and be sure to apply moisturizer to dry skin. As a result, the face will have a matte finish and obvious freshness. For oily skin, this procedure should be performed up to 2 times a week. In other cases, one will suffice.


Mix the rye bread paste and 60 ml in a cup. serum. The composition is crushed with a fork to obtain a homogeneous pulp. Apply the finished mask to your face, do not spread. Wait about a third of an hour.

After the specified time, wrap the composition with light massaging movements. Wash off with lukewarm water and moisturize your face with cream. The advantage of such a mask is that it is suitable for all skin types. You can use it three times a week.

Bleaching mask

Mix thoroughly in a 50 ml container. serum and 50 gr. high fat cottage cheese. Try to use only rustic products. Apply a homogeneous mass to the skin. You can stretch the rest around your neck.

If you suffer from a high fat content, it is recommended to add egg whites to the total weight. You should wait about one-third of an hour after applying the mask. Remove the product with warm green tea leaves. Apply cream. Use the recipe twice a week to achieve the desired result.


Heat the whey in a steam bath to an acceptable temperature. Dampen the gauze cloth inside. Fold in several layers and cut gaps for mouth, eyes and nose. Apply a compress and mark for half an hour. No washing is required after the specified time has elapsed. Use a compress every day.

When using the product, it should be understood that no single procedure makes sense. For maximum effect, use for at least 30 days.