Effectiveness of hardware rejuvenation of the facial area

The first signs of changes in a woman's facial skin are seen after 30 years. And if the imperfections of the body can be hidden by the elements of a well-chosen wardrobe, the face remains invisible and, like a business card, clearly indicates age. Loss of elasticity, the appearance of wrinkles, nasolabial folds, soft tissue ptosis do not contribute to the increase in self-esteem, but on the contrary, generate a lot of complexes. The futility and ineffectiveness of traditional salon treatments resort to radical methods and hardware beauticians to rejuvenate the face.

Hardware methods to combat facial aging

Aesthetic medicine has used the best techniques to recover living tissues from physiotherapy. The use of special equipment allows a positive effect on the deep layers of the dermis, subcutaneous fat, muscle structures, while preserving the integrity of the epidermis and vascular surface and increasing the quality of the result.

The hardware cosmetology of facial rejuvenation is a promising field that combines different methods to correct blemishes and restore the epidermis using special tools. Effective treatments are performed in beauty salons and special centers. Compact tools are often used for home rejuvenation sessions. The main benefit is that the freshness and youthfulness of the skin can be restored without surgery, but experts also note a number of other benefits:

hardware methods of skin rejuvenation
  1. Quick effect.A positive result can be seen in the first session, but it will only increase after completing the course.
  2. Versatility.Assumes the ability to eliminate the complexity of problems at the same time, such as smoothing wrinkles, wrinkles, restoring elasticity, balancing facial tone.
  3. Security.Exposure to the device is painless, eliminates skin trauma, and is therefore easier to tolerate than surgery.

In addition to the above, the high efficiency of hardware exposure, which is lacking when using traditional salon cosmetic procedures, can be highlighted.

Reason for selecting the procedure

Each age is characterized by its own changes in the skin, which often spoil the appearance, suppressing the psycho-emotional state. As there are both gentle and radical methods of influencing in the arsenal of specialists, the list of indications for their use has been significantly expanded:

  • decreased muscle tone;
  • weakening of the turgidity of the skin;
  • expression and appearance of age-related wrinkles;
  • formation of nasolabial or nasolacrimal folds, flights;
  • formation of bags under the lower eyelid;
  • loss of contour definition, blurring of face oval;
  • Gravitational ptosis of soft tissues.

Important to know!The right choice of technique allows you to not only deal with the pronounced aging processes and rejuvenate the skin, but also to fight conditions such as enlarged pores, acne, pigmentation typical of young girls.

Usage Restrictions

Patients say hardware cosmetology for facial rejuvenation is a worthy alternative to plastic surgery, but like many manipulations, not everyone is suitable. There are several contraindications in the presence of which procedures are not recommended:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • infectious and inflammatory diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus at the stage of decompensation;
  • blood disorders, including coagulation disorders;
  • epilepsy and other mental disorders;
  • exacerbation of the herpes virus;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • presence of electrostimulator;

Each type of procedure takes a unique approach, so this list can be changed and supplemented with other restrictions. But in any case, it is not recommended to use the help of hardware technology for people under 25 and over 65.

Types of procedures

There are many different tools for skin rejuvenation today, all of which differ in the principle of operation, functionality, and depth of effect on the skin. But all in one feature - the use of any type of energy - combines electric current, laser, radio waves, ultrasound.

Thanks to their targeted function, the water and lipids of the dermis are restored, metabolic processes are improved, and collagen production is stimulated, thereby increasing the muscle tone, firmness and elasticity of the skin. In addition, cosmetologists often use special nourishing and cleansing compounds in the process, which are delivered to the deep layers of the dermis through bandages, enhancing the effect of the procedures, prolonging the beauty and youthfulness of the skin.

Microconductive therapy

The essence of the new method of rejuvenation is to apply low-frequency electrical impulses to the skin. In this case, it has a positive effect on the skin, less active on the muscles and blood vessels of the face. This procedure is effective in stimulating the epidermis with anti-aging and also aims to achieve the following results:

  • improving skin color;
  • facial contour correction;
  • reducing the severity of wrinkles;
  • pore narrowing;
  • elimination of nasolabial folds;
  • removal of swellings;
  • fight against aging skin aging.

The procedure is also prescribed to remove pigmentation, treat acne, and cover scars and scars. Depending on the problem, a distinction is made between microconductive lifting of the skin of the face, eyes, and eyelids, and lymphatic drainage. Rejuvenating processes are triggered by the point effect of the neuromuscular structure with impulses. The full course consists of 12 sessions, twice a week. The popularity of the procedure is due to its high efficiency, affordable cost, and lack of painful areas and inconvenience in examining problem areas.

Ultrasound method

For patients under the age of 40, the technique can be an excellent way to rejuvenate, and for older women, an alternative to plastic surgery. Unlike laser radiation, ultrasound does not compromise the integrity of the skin, but nevertheless acts through the entire depth. The process activates the production of collagen and elastin, but the subcutaneous fat layer and the natural structure of the muscles remain unchanged.

Photo Rejuvenation

The technique involves exposing the skin to high-frequency pulses emitted by a sensor. The length of the light beam and the depth of penetration are determined by a person skilled in the art depending on the complexity of the problem. The procedure allows the following results to be obtained:

  • get rid of pigmentation, rosacea, acne, scars, shallow wrinkles;
  • to reduce the severity of nasolabial and nasolacrimal folds;
  • restores the function of the sebaceous glands;
  • accelerates collagen synthesis;
  • improves skin texture and quality.

To achieve a pronounced effect, a course of 3-6 sessions should be completed at weekly intervals. As with all hardware procedures, phototherapy does not compromise the integrity of the epidermis.

RF boost

The technique aims at a deep renewal of the dermis. The idea is to stimulate fibroblasts, the cells responsible for the production of collagen fibers, with the help of radiofrequency pulses, because their absence leads to the formation of wrinkles and the aging of the skin. The procedure is recommended to solve problems such as excessive pigmentation, swelling and bags under the eyes, folds, double stands, flights.

We recommend that you seek radio frequency correction from the age of 35 at the earliest, when age-related changes are already noticeable but not yet strong. The duration of each session is approx. 30 minutes, the entire rejuvenation process of patients aged 45-50 years includes at least 6 procedures. One of the features of RF enhancement is that it can show an effect not only during therapy but also in the coming months. The rehabilitation period is minimal, the result becomes noticeable after the first session.

Laser Lift

In modern cosmetology, laser rejuvenation is one of the most serious options for eliminating wrinkles, excessive pigmentation and gravitational ptosis. The effect on problem areas of the face is performed with a laser device. The doctor controls the intensity of the influence as well as the depth of penetration of the directed beam. Setting the parameters correctly is considered an important part of the session because a mistake can cause skin burns or irreversible degenerative changes. Today, several procedures are used:

  1. Ablative facial rejuvenation.Assumes small minor errors are corrected within 5-7 sessions.
  2. Laser biorevitalization.Allows you to get rid of wrinkles, scars, stimulate collagen production. Efficacy is achieved by using a special mixture that saturates the cells with useful substances.
  3. Non-ablative correction.The use of long laser beams makes it possible to eliminate wrinkles, pimples, scars and hyperpigmentation.
  4. Complete fractional rejuvenation.The entire surface of the face is elaborate, eliminating the signs of aging and imperfections in the epidermis, balancing its relief and tone.

The latter method is considered the safest and most effective, so it is used more often than others.

Early rejuvenation

The technique involves the combined effect of a high-frequency current and light pulses. Photons heat the upper layer of the dermis and are absorbed into melatonin, so you can get rid of pigmentation. Radio waves penetrate the middle and deep layers of the skin, stimulating cell division and the synthesis of collagen and elastin. As a result, the process achieves the following:

  • corrects the shape of the face;
  • returns the sharpness of outlines;
  • makes skin firm and supple;
  • smoothes fine wrinkles;
  • relieves pigmentation, acne, pimples;
  • removes spider veins and webs.

Tip!Manipulation is recommended from the age of thirty. After 50 years, efficiency drops abruptly.

SMAS enhancement

A unique technique designed to restore skin elasticity using ultrasound. Beauticians recommend that you use a facelift in case of problems in the smas system, i. e. the aponeural layer. Signs include sagging of the dermis and platysma (neck muscle), sagging of the corners of the lips, eyelids, eyebrows.

Positive changes are visible immediately after the session, but the end result is not noticeable until a month later. The technique is considered radical, so all manipulations are performed in one session. Re-implementation is only possible after 2-3 years. The benefits of SMAS lifting include pain relief and safety.

PB massage

The technique is based on pinch-vacuum operation. The rejuvenating effect is achieved by using a special technology. The vacuum roller handle intensively processes the muscles, fat layer and tendons in the affected area.

As a result, the following phenomena can be observed:

  • increased neocollagen production;
  • decrease in skin area;
  • significant code compression;
  • Improve lymph flow and blood circulation.

The procedure activates the hidden reserves of the cells. It is considered painless and can be combined with other cosmetic and hardware techniques.

Hardware upgrade at home

Today, it’s hard to surprise someone with the methods of hardware cosmetology and the amazing impact achieved by rejuvenation. Special procedures are used to clean the pores, treat acne and rosacea, tighten the skin, and eliminate signs of age-related changes. If you do not have the desire or desire to use the services of professional beauticians, you can buy the right tool and perform procedures at home.

Seller finds the following models for skin rejuvenation:

  • microconductive therapy devices;
  • ultrasonic devices;
  • vacuum massagers;
  • tools for darsonvalization;
  • electroporation device;
  • electro and myostimulants.

Saving time and money is a plus. And while the cost of a good quality device is comparable to the entire process of a salon procedure, it pays off due to its many years of use over several years.

Important to know!The disadvantage of compact devices is that they are relatively inefficient. They are not able to eliminate serious problems - smooth out wrinkles, remove the double animal, strengthen the frame. But they are ideal for preventing and maintaining skin tone.

Possible complications

May occur if recommendations are not followed or if there are contraindications that were not monitored by a specialist in a timely manner. It has several consequences: swelling, redness, itching, minor discomfort. But after a few days, they disappear and do not require medical intervention.

But because each organism is unique, it is possible that more serious complications can develop. They differ in any procedure, but the following phenomena can be called potential:

  • pigmentation of the skin;
  • development of an allergic reaction;
  • increase or loss of sensitivity;
  • Preservation of pain syndrome.

When using laser radiation, burns, irreversible changes in the skin, tissue necrosis are possible. Therefore, you should consult a specialist and perform laboratory tests before conducting a rejuvenation session.

Expected results and patient photos

Modern cosmetology has made great strides. Plastic surgeries have been replaced by safe hardware rejuvenation technologies that allow the following results to be achieved:

  • improves skin elasticity;
  • the oval of the face tightens;
  • epidermal cells regenerate;
  • metabolic processes are activated;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • wrinkles, folds smooth out;
  • chin tightens, flights pass;
  • couperose, acne, pigmentation disappears.

Such changes can be achieved using modern technologies and special equipment. It can affect not only the upper but also deeper layers of the dermis, the smas system.

Patient overview and physician comments

To date, properly performed hardware rejuvenation of the face is believed by patients to allow the effect to be maintained for a long time and to become an effective alternative to surgical lifting.

photo before and after skin rejuvenation with the device

Customer Overview:

“Since my youth, I have had waves of acne on my face, no cosmetic product can remove them. I also turned to beauticians, but even exfoliation didn’t help. But from fractional laser rejuvenation, the skin became perfect. I have already gone through five sessions and the signals can now only be found by looking through a magnifying glass. I even gave up on decorative cosmetics.

Plastic surgeon's note:

“I have been in business for over a decade. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I can state that radical operations will become a thing of the past and become irrelevant, and will be replaced by more gentle and efficient hardware methods. On some occasions, they allow you to get rid of the unpleasant signs of aging, imperfections and imperfections of the facial skin. The lack of a rehabilitation period, maintaining skin integrity, and relative affordability make them much more attractive to many women who can finally make their dreams come true. "

Price range of services

Today, professionals have access to the advanced results of science and technology, namely facial rejuvenation hardware cosmetology, the prices of which are far from budget. Most methods are painless, completely safe and show excellent results. The cost of the procedures depends on the device used and many other factors.


With such a variety of hardware techniques, it is difficult to make the right choice. It should be recalled that the result depends not only on the technology but also on the qualifications and experience of the professional performing the procedure. The desire to stay as young and attractive as possible will only come true if you go to a proven clinic or beauty salon where the beautician will determine the most effective rejuvenation method only after a serious consultation.